Tuesday, 31 August 2010

What it's all about.

Evening all,

This will just be a quick one [hopefully], just to report that for [I think] the first time, we as a band have really undertaken our mission of reaching lives through our music.

We were mid-practice last week, and half way through a song a couple of people just wandered into the church. We either didn't notice or just played on anyway, and at the end of the song received warm applause, and a request for another song. Which we duly obliged.

After this we got talking and it turns out these two people, who I really wish I had names for, had had a pretty rubbish day, and just in walking past the church had heard us playing music, thought it sounded pretty good, and figured they'd come take a look. And they thanked us for playing for them, and said our music had brightened up their day. They then asked why we were playing in a church, so I started telling them we worshipped here. That got a pretty disappointed response truth be told, it turned out that, the man in particular, was a staunch atheist, and was certain that no God existed. However we came to a mutual agreement that we'd love each other despite our differences, and I think this readiness to accept him and his views, or more to the point, not care about them and just care about him and his friend, touched him. I got a big hug, which felt great [not as great as Lucas' hugs mind, if you haven't tried it yet, get involved], and as they were walking out with big smiles on their faces his friend said that we'd opened up their minds to the possibility of God, so although it wasn't a direct conversion, I like to think that, through God, we've managed to finally start fulfilling the purpose of this band, and more importantly, positively affected some lives.

I wanted to share that with you because it gave me a lot of joy, we as a band have been praying for them since, and I know I have too in my own personal prayer time. I really hope and pray that God will find those two and just take them into his love, they clearly needed it, and God can do so much for both him and her. So, if any of you who are reading this pray, I would urge you too to pray for these two. And if, by any stroke of luck, or they did just use the card I gave them with our websites on, they stumble across this rambly blog, I want them to be reminded they are loved, and they aren't forgotten.

God Bless you both, and God Bless anyone who took this time to read this.

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