Sunday, 10 October 2010

What it's all about part 3

This next part is a brief description of how the band came together and if the other guys are reading this i'd love it if you all posted your own entries on your experiences of this, with your perceptions and what was going through your heads at the time. This is simply mine.
i joined St Nics church almost 3 years a go now, that seems strange to think of. Not long after i first joined i talked to Steve the Rector about my Vision concerning music, about the calling i felt i had. He said just find one like minded person and start praying about it with them, let G-d form your band from there. So i started praying for this one person but there didn't even seem to be one.
When i met Mike i'd stopped looking for potential band members. He had returned from Hull where he'd been at Uni and i'd joined his church while he'd been away. i liked him immediately and though i didn't talk to him much in the pub we always go to after the church service i remember feeling like i really wanted to talk to him, to get to know him. This probably sounds weird and i wasn't sure of why myself but i just felt like i needed to talk to this guy. i didn't have the confidence to do this straight away though. At this time i was working on a small musical project with a friend and we needed a bass player. So i asked my friend Abi from church (who interestingly is now going out with our drummer) and she said i'm not that good ask Mike he's a much better bassist. i added him on Facebook with the intention of sorting details on there but the project never really progressed and got abandoned in the end. However seeing Mike on Facebook chat one day and still feeling compelled to talk to him, i took the opportunity of the cowardly route and started a conversation. i was asking him about music and what he liked. After reading his answer i realised this is the guy, the like minded one i've been praying for. i told him about the vision immediately relaying some of the story i put in the previous blog and his answer was more exciting than i could have imagined. i expected an excuse, like i'm busy right now, that's not my sort of thing or many other excuses i've heard from musicians i've tried to get on board in the past. He didn't give any excuses, just said i've wanted to be in a band like that since i started playing music. Thank you G-d. Me and Mike started praying together a few days later and we started discussing other potential band members. i said though drums was my main instrument i wanted to try vocals and guitar, he said he'd like to have a go at guitar too though bass was his home. We just needed a bassist and drummer then, the 2 instruments we could have covered but chose not to. He immediately suggested Lucas for Bass. Lucas had only recently joined St Nics but had already got involved in the worship group so we knew him to be a solid bass player. i called him that night and he phoned me back about 11pm. In my voicemail i left for him i told him the vision and said we'd love you on board if you have both the will and the time. He phoned me back and said i have the will and i'll make the time, that commitment i love :)
Me, Mike and Lucas, met a few days later in the Malt Cross to start praying and talking together. We met at my house the following week to start writing and carry on praying. We couldn't find a drummer, we kept praying for one, looking for one, even giving shouts out at church for one but none came forward. G-d had a plan though and brought Luke one of Mike's friends back in to His life. They met for a drink and Mike learned Luke to be both a man of faith and a drummer, just what we were looking for. Mike asked Luke, Luke said He'd think about, G-d told Luke do it, Luke said He'd come along to a practice.
We got Luke along and i sat him down told him all about the vision, what this band was about and he cut me short saying "josh i don't play music for me, only for G-d." That was just the kind of guy we needed. We played him a few of our songs and he was impressed by our focus and liked the songs. We got on well with him socially and it became clear to everyone Luke was the guy to take this band on the next step of the journey. It's been a beautiful, at times hard but always inspired journey since then. We've grown so much, we've helped each through hard times and we've become the best of friends. We have so far to go but to look back at where we've come, well it's so exciting. It says in the bible talking of true followers of Christ "you shall no them by their love for each other." i think G-d's helped us grow into a band where we do love each other sacrificially and with commitment. As far as i'm concerned he's given me a group of guys that are easy to love and amazing to walk this journey with. i've not got any great stories of how G-d's used us to change lives or save souls. i just know that we're following Him, we're doing this for Him. We will keep doing that and leave the rest to Him.
It's worth at this point throwing out a thank you to a few people. Firstly to our church, well mine, Mike's and Lucas's i mean. They let us practice there, they've offered us a lot of support and been very understanding, we couldn't have done this without them, genuinely. Also to our friends and families, all of them. For their support, coming to gigs, taking an interest and just being generally amazing, again we couldn't of done it without them. Especially a core group who have been attending gigs and offering amazing support from the very start, we've been humbled by you and thank you. Thank you most of all to G-d for everything and thank you to you for taking the time to read this blog which has by now become far too long, i best conclude.
(Early to the Vineyard)

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  1. Wow guys - this is awesome! You know, Mike doesn't know this, but since I was in 6th form with Mike and we played together on the worship team, I've been praying for Him. That the Lord would lead him to a group of guys to start a band with. Guys that he could love and encourage, as well as being loved and encouraged by them to go deeper into the things of G-d.

    Don't be discouraged guys because, "...He who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of the Messiah". It may seem at times like nothing is happening, but I know that the Lord is putting you in places of influence - He is using you as a light in the darkness. He will be made known through your light, your faith shining in the darkness of the secular music industry.

    I love you guys, and I continue to pray for you! Be blessed to be a blessing! Love from your brother in Christ.
    Shalom Aleichem,

    Ezekiel Frazer Chester xxx