Tuesday, 13 July 2010

The Undiscovered Country

Hi all,

This is officially Mike Addis' first ever attempt at blogging, so for all those with experience please be gentle with me, I'm sure I'll pick it up in time!

I guess the inspiration for the blog is the lack of the band really doing anything at the moment, due to various commitments and holidays I think we've only practiced once, maybe twice, in a month, which has started to frustrate me greatly, not that this is anybody's fault, I just feel the band has so much cool stuff to be getting on with for me to be sitting around blogging!

The cool stuff include finishing recording on the EP, which hopefully will be with us in the next month or so, so get your CD racks ready in the 'E' section, it's about to get a new entrant! And also we're starting to crack out some new songs. Lucas has started us off on what looks like a brilliant song, and even I've chipped in, and from the comments I've received from the rest of the band it also looks set to be a decent effort. [Thanks to the guys for all their encouragement, it has definately helped.] I think Josh also has some new stuff in the pipeline, and going on his past form with song writing I know they're going to be brilliant.

But as per usual with new songs in E to the V they're a completely new genre/direction to everything that precedes them, which is both exciting and infuriating. We struggled to define our genre when asked before, how the hecky-thump are we suupposed to manage now?! But some problems aren't really problems, I love our diversity, and the ideas bubbling around in my grey matter I'm sure we'll write more diverse songs in the future.

***SPOILER ALERT*** Both Josh and I have commented that we want more pacy, rocky songs in our repetóir, so be on the look out for them in the coming weeks and months!

Anyway, Thomas the Tank Engine season 4 has finished, and I need to get ready to go hang out with Early to the Vineyard's official number one fan, so I'll bid the blogsphere 'Adieu' . I've enjoyed rambling at whoever ends up reading this, so I may well blog again when I have enough to talk about.

Take care & God bless.


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  1. Not bad for your first ever blogging attempt, Mike, waiting for stuff to happen and get finished is always infuriating but you guys have got plenty of time to be even more awesome than you are already!